OLYMPIC CHAIR  Henri de Baillet Latour - Jacques Rogge

About the Chair

The Olympic Chair Henri de Baillet Latour – Jacques Rogge is a cooperation between Ghent University and the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) with the financial support of the Fund Baillet Latour. The Olympic Chair Henri de Baillet Latour – Jacques Rogge is the fifth Olympic Chair in the World and has as its purpose the academic study of the diverse aspects of the management of sports organisations with an emphasis on the Olympic values, to stimulate the sporting ethos and deontology of athletes and to enhance cooperation between the two parts of the country. The Fund Baillet Latour renewed its support to the Olympic Chair until 2020.


At the moment, at both UGent and UCLouvain, a scholarship researcher is financed with the resources of the Chair to do research in the domain of sport management and the Olympic values. At Ghent University, the Olympic Chair was led by Professor Marc Maes, until his unforeseen death in 2010. Professor Annick Willem, professor in sport management at the Department of Movement and Sport Sciences, took over the torch. At UCLouvain, Professor Thierry Zintz holds the Olympic Chair. 


The Sport Management research groups at both universities serve as knowledge centers in sport ethics, sport management and Olympic values. Thanks to the Olympic Chair, both universities are able to enhance their collaboration and leverage expertise. Joint research seminars and guest lectures are frequently organised.


The choice for the universities of Ghent and Louvain-la-Neuve, like the name of this unique cooperation, was not without reason. Count Henri de Baillet Latour studied at Louvain and Count Jacques Rogge was a student at Ghent University, from which he received a honorary PhD in 2001. Both were the only two Belgian chairmen of the International Olympic Committee. Count de Baillet Latour was Chair from 1926 until 1942, while Count Rogge has been Chairman between 2001 and 2013.


The Fund Baillet Latour also provides financial support to the Olympic Movement and to Belgian athletes (both the athletes of the Belgian Olympic Committee and the athletes of the Special Olympics and Paralympics).

The Olympic week

Every year, Ghent University and UCLouvain organize an Olympic week in the light of the Olympic Chair. Focus in this week is on socio-economic topics related to the Olympic movement and the Olympic Games. During this week, courses are organized around a topical and relevant theme, lectured by an international expert in that field.



Prof. Stephan Wassong

Anti-doping policy of the  IOC

Professor Stephan Wassong, who is connected to the German Sport University of Cologne has great expertise on the anti-doping policy of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


Prof. Kathy Babiak

CSR in sport

Professor Kathy Babiak is the Director of the "Michigan Center for Sport & Social Responsibility" at the University of Michigan.  She is an expert on Corporate social responsibility in sport.


Prof. Sigmund Loland

Fair play in sport clubs


Prof. Sigmund Loland, is an international authority in the domain of sport ethics. His expertise is in themes such as fair play, performance enhancement in sport and society, epistemiology of movement and the history of ideas.



Prof. Benoît Séguin

The future of sport sponsoring


Professor Benoît Séguin is an expert in sport marketing. He is an expert in ambush marketing, marketing in national sportorganizations and marketing and sposoring related to the Olympic Games.




Prof. Mike McNamee

Sport ethics


Prof. Mike McNamee is a professor in sport ethics. He conducts research into ethical challenges and issues in sport; such as doping, privacy of atletes, new technologies and fair play.




Prof. Vasil Girginov

Sport policy and participation

Professor Vasil Girginov has been researching the sports development legacy of the 2012 London Olympic Games and the relationship between the culture of national sports governing bodies and participation in sport.


Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet

Governance of sport


Het research of Prof. Jean-Loup  Chappelet at IDHEAP focuses on  the management of informatics and technology, and on the management and policy of sport organizations.




Prof. Chelladurai

Organizational theory


Prof Chelladurai is a renomated author in the area of sport management. He is specialized in  organizational theory and organizational behavior in sport.


Prof. Susan Brownell

Sport antropology


Professor Susan Brownell studies antropology, specially in the context of the Olympic Games. She is a China-expert with two decennia of experience in the  Chinese sport culture. 




Prof. Jim Parry

Ethical values of the Olympic Movement


Professor Jim Parry has been the Head of Department of Philosophy at the University of Leeds. His work specializes in Applied Ethics and Political Philosophy.


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